About our Sussex Hog Roast Catering Company

Hog Roast SussexBuongiorno, I’m Marco and I’m the catering manager at Spitting Pig Sussex. I make sure your hog roast is cooked to perfection and the service we provide at your event is top tier. I’m originally from Southern Italy and I add my own Italian vibrance into my cooking and service.

I decided to venture into the hog roasting and catering world because no day in this role is ever the same! After working in hospitality for 14 years, I decided that I needed a new challenge which would reignite my motivation. Being a catering manager isn’t just about making delicious food. I love meeting new people every day and seeing them enjoy themselves, celebrating something or someone they love.

When I’m not hog roasting, I like to travel with my family to places all over the world, watch exciting sporting events and enjoy homemade meals with a good red wine to relax with.

Style And Substance

If you’ve never enjoyed a Hog Roast Sussex dining experience before then prepare to be in for a treat. Our dining is quite like anything else you’ll find in catering; we put an onus on creating a real experience out of our service, one that is as much an event as the rest of the day. To us, dining isn’t just another element of an event; it’s an integral part of creating the overall experience for guests.

That is why we go the route of bringing style and spectacle to our dining. How do we do so, you might ask? Well with our namesake hog roast and all the brilliant trimmings that it brings, of course.

Hog Roast SussexThe hog roast is a dish that exudes style and spectacle at every turn – with, of course, plenty of deliciousness too! It is a dish that has been enjoyed at events across the world for centuries. Great community celebrations, kingly parties, cultural events, would all have enjoyed the immense sight of a whole roasted pig sitting atop a spit, turning and roasting to a perfect level of golden texturing.

The tradition of hog roasting is no less brilliant now as it was back in those days, only now our version is much more suited to the modern event. Our mobile roasting machines are incredible pieces of equipment designed by us to make hog roast catering easier than ever before. You get the full spectacle of the whole hog roast experience, only now it is easier to move and manage for events out at any location. We can cook a hog roast fresh at your event for the full effect, and then serve it fresh from the roaster too for the ultimate dining experience. It’s style, with more than enough substance to back it up!

The Team Behind The Roast

You now know all about what our service provides to your event, so now it is time to learn about the brilliant people behind it. Hog Roast Sussex is made up of some of the best chefs in the game along with incredibly dedicated servers that can conjure up a solution to any issue at your event. Then there’s the folk back at our manufacturing houses working day in day out to continually iterate on the best hog roasting technologies available. And we can’t forget about our team in the office that work with our customers in the first place to put together their event and schedule out all of our work.

Hog Roast SussexSimply put, the running of Hog Roast Sussex is a well moving machine where every part is necessary and brilliant. But instead of a machine, we like to think of ourselves more as a family. We may all come from all walks of life, but we each share this immense bond over our passion for great food and great events. Hog Roast Sussex only continues to be successful thanks to the dedication put out by every one of our team. We want to be the best, and our high demands of ourselves are able to take us there every day!

Here To Find Your Perfect Dining Experience

You’ll get to work with some of the most experienced chefs in their craft. You’ll also everyone on our team warm and friendly, and ready at a moment’s notice to help you with anything you need from your event. We want to create the most perfect dining experience for your event, and that only comes with an openness on both sides to create something brilliant, together.

Hog Roast SussexAt Hog Roast Sussex you will find an abundance of menus and services designed to suit the demands of just about any occasion. Weddings, corporate events, private parties; you name it and Hog Roast Sussex have the dining to suit it. When coming to us we will simply need to know a little about the occasion and your preferred style. That could mean you want a formal dining experience, or it could mean you want a laid-back service for your outdoor summer swing. We have the menus for both and much more.

We’ll talk you through your options and offer you opportunities to customise all you like until you have the event dining service you crave. Pick your favourite roast, or go for our gourmet barbecue to set the summer sizzling. It’s all up to you! All that we ask is you start with one simple call to the Hog Roast Sussex team today!