About our Sussex Hog Roast Catering Company

aboutus-168x300On the back of our enthusiasm for hog roasting we’ve occupied the realms of excellence since I started the company, and we have no intentions to give up our position any time soon. The passion and commitment to good food has only grown stronger through our success and experiences with our wonderful clients. My company has many services that we can offer to you, all of which are reputed as being the best to be had in Sussex, and with good reason. We outright refuse anything that falls short of excellence, from the food, machines and the staff we employ, all of which are a reflection of my values and standards.

Hog Roasts In Demand!

It was at a friend’s party when I first got a sample of a Gatwick hog roast, with my previous experience in the catering industry I knew immediately that there was something to hog roasting, from the perspective of both business and pleasure. My time served experience running successful catering companies put me in a great position to exploit what’s turned out to be a massive demand in the market, and I embraced the opportunity with open arms. I started the company with 2 prime goals, to provide Haywards Heath hog roast catering and also a Chichester hog roast hire service.

Spitting Pig Catering

We were soon forced to re assess the extent of what we did after a rise in demand from previous clients, now we provide not just spit roast catering and hire, but also sell our machines. There are individual benefits to all three. The catering service is favoured by clients looking to cater with style and grandeur for, usually, a one off occasion; the machines hire service tends very popular with clients who would like to cook with our machines themselves, while keeping the costs a little lower; clients buying our machines often – but certainly not always – fall into 2 brackets, either caterers like ourselves who want ‘in’ on the market, so to speak, and previous clients who’ve been witness to the brilliance of hog roasting and want a machine for their own backyard BBQs and family get-togethers.

Regardless of your reasons or preference, one thing that’s constant is the quality and delights provided by hog roasting. Whether it’s you or our chefs manning the machines, the mouth watering qualities of hog roasted meats is unchanging.

The beauty of spit roast machines is in their simplicity and ease of use, you don’t have to be a rocket surgeon to cook up amazing, taste bud tingling spit roasted meats – And although health and safety would have something to say about it, a 5 year old (a tall one, at least) child could theoretically operate a machine. What you’re basically getting is the crock pot of the BBQ world, there’s very little hands-on work required. Simply buy your meats, marinade or season them with your favourite herbs and spices, skewer the meats, turn your machine on and wait.

Our Passion Shows Through Our Work

Watching your food cooking can be an agonising wait at the best of times, but the sight of a whole hog, lamb or chickens spinning round and round, cm by cm, will certainly whet an appetite and give your friends a topic of conversation. With a hog roast machine you might even convince your kids to leave the house! We were helped by some of the UK’s leading chefs and food critic to create and master our menus which has led to the Hog Roast Sussex catering service being nominated for and winning culinary awards on several occasions FullSizeRendersince we started operating. We go beyond simply cooking up amazing food, our service and friendly approach to clients and customers is just as much a staple of my company as the food itself.

From the first conversation you have with us you’ll soon realise that we care about our customers and your peace of mind and needs just as much as hog roasting. We’ll help and assist you throughout, because I don’t believe good service starts and ends with the quality of food and hog roast machines. This approach is the reason I’ve had such great success with the Hog Roast Sussex catering service and would be honoured to help you in any way, no matter what the occasion or scale. With my large family of chefs and waitresses we’re able to cater for different clients in several locations a day, on most days of the year. And while we’re certainly not short of clients we’re always looking to work with and meet new people and businesses.