FAQ – Hog Roast Catering

What is hog roasting?

Hog roast catering is where the customer hires a catering service to come to their event (weddings, birthdays, or, just a good old knees up) and spit roast pork, beef joints and lamb. Now not just hog roast is available, other services and benefits are open to choose from, such as catering staff, chefs and staff to set up equipment. Also extra benefits can include meat being provided if requested, salads, apple sauce, a selection of breads and hot jacket potatoes and puddings. The hog roast also falls neatly into the category of foods regularly enjoyed by those in the area, with those lovers of the pork pie and pressed fruit drinks sure to delight in the tender and juicy pork meat of the traditionally cooked hog.

Being at the heart of Sussex Spitting Pig is an ideal location to revive the hog roast tradition enjoyed in the gardens and on the beaches of Sussex and beyond during the year. Whether the event is a wedding or a pub fund raiser, a hog roast can be enjoyed by many people at many locations, making that event night the talk of the town for weeks afterwards.

I am considering hiring a hog roast machine what is involved?

Our cook-it-yourself hog roast is so easy to use – no fuss, no mess, just a succulent, tasty hog for your guests. Tell us when and where your event is, and we’ll bring along our hog roasting machine, the gas and the hogs – all free range and British, sourced locally in Staffordshire. Even though it isn’t far to travel, we deliver all our hogs to events in our refrigerated transport unit to ensure optimal freshness and optimal taste. If you have never roasted a hog before, don’t worry, not many people have.

One of our trained chefs will deliver the machine and will show you everything you need to know to ensure your party runs without a hitch. He will leave you with a beginner’s guide to hog roasting and number you can call him on if you think of anything else once he has left even if it is late at night, a bank holiday or over the weekend. An average 90lb hog cooks in just over 6 hours and can feed up to 200 guests quickly – and with minimal fuss. As your party unfolds the wonderful smoky aromas of the freshly roasting hog will fill the air, and fill your guests with wonderment. The hog roaster will become the focal point of your party, as your guests gaze at the hog turning on the spit. No fuss. No bother. It’s so simple. All you and your guests have to do is turn up and savour the flavours.

On the day of the event we will arrive about four hours before you want to serve your guests so that you have time to get acquainted with the roasting machine. We will deliver the machine, the meat, all the fuel you need, and any additional foods you have ordered according to the menu. Once you have finished with our roaster, we will pick it up at your convenience, or you may find that you loved the experience of spit roasting so much that you just cannot bear to hand it back. No worried, we quite understand, and it this is the case we would be more than happy for you to purchase the machine from us.

Is there any difference between a hog roast and a bbq?

Having a hog roast is vastly different from a typical barbeque. A hog roast is a spectacle that will be remember by the guests. For example if you are on an office team building exercises why not consider having a hog roast for the catering? The guests will have something to talk about and bond over and by its very nature a hog roasts provokes a conversation. This can only be a good thing as colleges will get to know each other better and work better as a result. Hog roasts are great for village fairs, and outdoor markets they provide a distinct feel to these events and proceedings in the case of a village or town fair it also adds to the atmosphere of the gathering. Publicans could seriously benefit from having a hog roast at their establishment. It will get more people through your door and offers a sense of community in the place meaning that people are more likely to return in the future due to the friendly environment they were in during the hog roast.

Having a hog roast also increases the exposure and brand identity of your premises. People associate hog roasts with happy and jovial times, and this will have a great effect in your establishment should you decided to partake in a hog roast. To conclude hog roasts are perfect for all manner of events including market stalls, pubs, fairs, office parties etc. They offer a sense of community and togetherness that other forms of catering do not. Roasting a hog on a spit is memorable occasion people get to experience something together; this creates opportunities that are not available at other event, opportunities like experiencing the aroma of the beast as it slowly rotates on its spit, this is not something that people forget easily. A hog roast creates a moment that people remember enjoy and come back to time and time again, meaning your customers or colleges are satisfied and more importantly your trade is increased.