Corporate Hospitality

So you’re thinking of organising a corporate event and you’re interested in the different catering options available, well you’re in the right place. The corporate section is a new addition to our menu sections, each year our work for both small and large businesses has grown significantly so much so that we thought to design menus specifically aimed at companies. We know through experience that companies often have different requirements when it comes to event catering that’s why we have made some changes to our menus to accommodate for this.



Below we have included a little FAQ section of the most commonly asked questions to ensure that you have the confidence in Spitting Pig Sussex to make your next corporate event extra special.

1.We want to cater for all our employees, but there’s so many of us will you be able to cope?

Yes of course we are used to catering for large number and the menus are designed specifically so that they can be scaled up quite easily. Last year we completed several corporate events with in excess of 700 employees. Also the way in which we work by using a large number of machine and serving points mean that you wont encounter the queues that sometimes occur with other caterers.

2.Several of our employees have different dietary and religious requirements can you cater for them?

Yes this is no problem we have included a range of different meat options all of which are organic and can be halal if needed. We also have added a wide variety of different vegetarian options all of which are made in our award winning restaurant so why not pop round and try them if you like. Here at Spitting Pig we like to make our catering special for every guest and we ensure that our vegetarian isn’t an afterthought.

3.We don’t have any catering facilities on site will you be able to cater our event?

To every event we bring our state of the art mobile catering unit which are completely self sufficient. We have considerable experience at catering on factory floors or out in the open and we bring our own covers so come rain or shine we can still deliver our award winning food.

4.We want something a little special to impress some clients of ours can you do this?

Yes why not take a look at our formal hog roast dining experience and remember if you don’t see anything you like or would like to make some changes to a menu just let us know and we will be happy to create a personalised quote for you.

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