Organising a wedding can be one of the most stressful, worrying and difficult events to plan in your life. It is the one day where everything has to be perfect, it is a day that you will remember forever and therefore you need to be certain that every single aspect is under control. Here you will firstly find a whole host of menus but more importantly below you will find a little FAQ designed to set you at ease and to make you certain that Spitting Pig Sussex is that perfect caterer for your big day.

1.How can I be certain that you are the right caterer for my wedding?

The catering is often one of the most troublesome areas. Today there are more and more caterers to choose from all of which will vary in price, menu options, how they operate and what they can offer you on your big day. This decision is multiplied when you consider all of the part time caterers that are out there that often cut corners and don’t provide a service suitable for a wedding. Choosing a caterer requires a certain amount of trust in the company and can be a scary decision to make, that’s why we here at Spitting Pig Sussex have included this section on our website.

Michael and I have been working as chefs in the catering industry now for the last 15 years. Anyone who is looking to book our wedding catering service are more than welcome to attend a tasting session at one of our award winning restaurants whereby you can taste the menu to be certain it will be to your liking. Furthermore often it is possible to come and watch us work at live events so you can see how your big day will work and how we make it all possible. Also we are part of the Spitting Pig group who are the biggest hog roast company in the UK meaning the equipment we use and the service we can offer is second to none.

2.Why should I have a hog roast at my wedding?

Hog roasts are now becoming immensely popular. Year on year, our wedding catering has grown and we believe that to be down firstly to the impeccable service and the quality of food we offer but also to the fact that people want a true British traditional taste on their special day. Furthermore a hog is a very effective way of feeding large amounts of guests and can often become a very visual centrepiece which adds a sense of excitement to the day.

3.How experienced are you at wedding catering?

Here at Spitting Pig Sussex all our weddings are overseen by either myself or Michael as we know how important they are to our customers and how essential it is too have an experienced chef at hand. We have done countless weddings and have over 30 years of experience between us. We are also more than happy to send you some testimonials and pictures from previous weddings.

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