Hog Roast East Grinstead

Hog Roast East GrinsteadNow, you may be thinking Hog roast? What’s so special about hog roast?’ If that is indeed what you are thinking then I can only assume that you have never attended a hog roast East Grinstead occasion before, because hog roast is a fantastic special occasion food and one that you should consider before any other. It really is a quite special food and one that can certainly help your special event rise to the occasion. But what is it about a hog roast East Grinstead event that makes it so special?

The Best Hog Roasts In East Grinstead

Hog roast may be a Medieval feast but it’s a quality meal, too. It is all too easy to simply think of hog roast as yet another party solution but it is much more than that. Hog roast is an example of the some of the best back to basics cooking there is. The Medieval folk knew exactly what they were doing when they invented hog roast. They knew that slowly roasted pig tasted brilliant and that it needed a no nonsense approach. Just patience, good meat and fresh cooking. And if you speak to the modern day hog roast hire East Grinstead chef, they will tell you that the principles of cooking a whole pig remain pretty much unchanged. Quality meat is still there, only the chef doesn’t go and hunt for a pig, instead it requires a visit to a top meat supplier for a well reared local animal.

Hog Roast The Best Hog Roasts In East GrinsteadAs for the cooking, the days of the open fire have been sacrificed for something far more effective. The hog roast machine is our own specially developed piece of kit for cooking the ultimate hog roast. It may look great but it really does the trick, allowing the chef total control over the cooking pig, or indeed another sort of meat that they may be cooking for the guests. This machine actually forms the centrepiece of your event as your guests will be able to watch the chef in full swing as the roasting of the pig is completed and the carving begins. Which reminds me, you get a bit of flexibility when it comes to serving the hog roast meat. You can choose the traditional hot hog roast rolls of course, or you can go all posh and formal by opting for a very sophisticated gourmet dinner. This is ideally suited to more corporate affairs or formal dinners such as at weddings.

Leaders In Our Field

Whatever you choose, your East Grinstead guests that are new to hog roast are going to love the incredible taste of hog roast. It really is one of the best roasted meat flavours out there. Once you’ve had hog roast, you will keep wanting to have it again, whether it’s the juicy meat or the incredible crackling, you simply cannot go wrong with a bit of East Grinstead roasted pig. And with a standard East Grinstead hog roast serving over one hundred people, it’s a really cost effective catering option, too. All this and the total dedication of the hog roast chef, who spends six long hours cooking the whole pig to get the ultimate in flavour, means that when you book a hog roast you are getting a bit of a bargain.

What more can you say about the wonder meal that is hog roast? It is fresh cooking, top quality, slow roasting meat cooking at its very best and it will certainly transform your East Grinstead event into something truly spectacular.