Hog Roast Heathfield

Hog Roast HeathfieldYou may be thinking that a hog roast Heathfield event sounds a bit extravagant and therefore expensive, but before you start worrying that such catering is going to blow your budget out of the water, listen carefully, because hog roast really is actually a very affordable party catering option. One of the reasons for this is the fact that hog roast is big. Big food feeds plenty of people and hog roast won’t let you down in that respect. The hog roast hire Heathfield caterer can carve up your whole pig to produce over a hundred servings of delicious pork, which is more than enough for most special occasions.

You can never escape the need to organise an event. It sounds like a threat but, for many people, organising a function can be a real test. It doesn’t matter what the event is for, where it’s at or for however many people, event organising can really stress some people out. Even if you live in a small market like Heathfield, the demands are just as great. It is often the catering that can be the most stressful part of all. You see, people are awkward when it comes to food. So and so hates that, so and so only eats this and this…it is a Heathfield minefield but it’s one that you have to overcome. But overcome it you shall, with the help of the hog roast hire Heathfield caterer. Before you know it, your catering stresses will be long gone.

The Best Hog Roasts In Heathfield

This is great tasting, professionally cooked top quality meat we are talking about here, so don’t go thinking that any corners are being cut. The great taste of hog roast is down to the dedication of the chef who knows that delicious food only comes as a result of hard work. It also requires the very best in fine quality ingredients. Your chef makes every effort to get the best quality meat for your hog roast Heathfield event and will almost always choose a local supplier when it comes to getting the best pork available. It has be god quality, well reared meat for the chef to even consider it!

Hog Roast HeathfieldThe pig is sorted but what about the actual hog roasting? The actual roasting process is where all that hard work goes in from the chef. There are two really key elements to the cooking; the hog roast machine and the cooking time. Now, back in Medieval times, a hog roast meant setting up a huge open fire and roasting a whole pig on a spit. Well, the open fire has had to go but the principle remains the same. To help maintain the all important basics of the cooking process, we developed our very own hog roasting machines, and we have to admit that we are particularly proud of these. The hog roasting machines allow the chef total control over every aspect of the pig roasting process.

Not only are the machines the perfect roasting tool but they are great to look at and can actually form the centrepiece of your event. Watching a chef tending to a slowly roasting whole pig looks really impressive and this visual treat will stick long in the memory of those who attend your special Heathfield event.

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The hog roast machine is important but the amount of time that the chef cooks the meat for really is critical. You have to remember that a whole pig is a significant amount and coking this requires more than an hour on 200 in the oven. Cooking the pig takes six hours for an average sized animal but it really is worth the effort because the resulting pork tastes utterly incredible. Slow roasting does fantastic things to meat and those six long hours seem to mature the juices and the meat to create a flavour that is unmatched in any other meal. It also creates some of the most intense and addictive aromas you will ever encounter.

How you require the chef to serve your hog roast Heathfield meat is up to you, but whether you want hog roast rolls or a gourmet hog roast dinner, you and your guests will be knocked out by just how wonderful the meat tastes. And I haven’t even mentioned that you will get to sample some of the crispiest crackling ever!

Make your event a Heathfield hog roast event and you simply cannot go wrong. If your guests love great food and a wonderful culinary experience, a Heathfield hog roast is the perfect solution.