Hog Roast Midhurst

Hog Roast MidhurstHog roast really is a blast from the past when it comes to catering solutions. After all, this is a feast with roots very firmly in the Medieval past and not in the twenty first century, but hog roast hire Midhurst events just go to show that sometimes a modern solution really can mean going back in history. You see, hog roast is a meal based on some of the most important principles in great cooking and that is simplicity and quality. These are principles that are really in vogue at the moment and that could explain why so many events are now seeing hog roast as the answer that they have been searching for.

Hog roast hire Midhurst chefs understand how a simple approach to cooking is the very best and are able to show that off perfectly each time they cook a hog roast. By simplicity, we are not talking simply warm up in the oven and serve, the solution to many event catering disasters, but the unfussy nature of hog roast. This is a feast that primarily relies on one key ingredient and that is a superb quality whole pig. And by quality, I really mean quality. Each of these pigs is carefully chosen by the chef who will look that each is the perfect size and perfectly fatted up, and of course it has to be from a great local supplier.

The Best Hog Roasts In Midhurst

The cooking of a hog roast has changed a little over the years, with much of that being down to the development of the hog roast machine. This fantastic piece of machinery allows the chef to cook the pig, or indeed a variety of other meats, perfectly and safely whilst being able to show off their cookery skills to the appreciative crowd at your event. The hog roast machine really does provide a great stage for any hog roast Midhurst event.

People love to watch a hog roast being cooked but did you know that you only get to see a fraction of the actual cooking taking place? There is no deception intended, just a desire to save you from complete boredom as a hog roast is a long time in the cooking. Hog Roast MidhurstYou see we are talking about cooking a whole Midhurst pig here, not a few pork chops. Such a big beast requires not just a couple of hours but a full six hours plus to really cook to perfection. Only after such a lengthy roasting do you get the meat to slowly absorb all the incredible juices hidden within the bones. So, as you can imagine, having to watch a full six hours of cooking might be a little too much for most people.

What never disappoints is that fact that a single whole pig is capable of providing so much incredible tasting meat. It should not be too much of a surprise to learn that there is plenty of meat on a whole pig but did you know that you can expect to serve over one hundred people from a single pig? A quite remarkable figure which may mean you need to dig out your address book and invite a few extra guests!

If you are in any doubt about the catering for your special event, you should not be. Simple do the right thing and make your event a great Midhurst hog roast event.