Hog Roast Newhaven

Hog Roast NewhavenFor a unique food experience that adds style and sublime service to events throughout the village of Newhaven, the only caterer to call is Hog Roast Newhaven. At Hog Roast Newhaven we put in quality to every event we attend; from weddings to corporate functions, anniversary dinners, and garden parties, Hog Roast Newhaven has brought its special brand of fine roasted meats and delicious bites to many brilliant events over the years – each made all the better by our stylish dining services. We’re specialists in hog roast dining which will bring even more than just a brilliant eating experience to your event. Style, spectacle, and sublime tastes – this is what the hog roast promises and then some!

At your event delight in the warm glow and mouth-watering smell of your fresh hog roast cooking away on our very own spit roaster as our expert chefs bring it to an almighty level of taste and texture. The slower, turning style of proper hog roast cooking keeps the meat well juicy throughout with our flavouring reaching every corner of the flesh. Plus, the fire of the spit keeps a nice, natural charring around the skin that you want from a roast. This perfect roast once complete delivers crisp and salty pork skin for that lovely crunch to contrast with your juicy, flavoursome and tender meat inside. With such fine flavour in every bite, our hog roast can be served up in a number of brilliant dishes – from delicately salted pulled pork rolls to full plate roasts complete with all the trimmings and a generous splashing of home-cooked gravy, Hog Roast Newhaven brings versatility and quality everywhere we go.

An Unforgettable Food Experience In Newhaven

Hog Roast NewhavenFor every eventuality in Newhaven we make sure to boast a huge array of quality menu items. Our team will walk you through our many brilliant meats, or vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free foods all available in numerous combinations for a personally refined set-menu or glorious buffet serving. Our bespoke menu services allow you to dine the way you want at your event, and we’ll always work to an affordable budget without limiting you on quality.

We’re making premium dining an affordable affair that works to you, so get calling to Hog Roast Newhaven today for your place with us now!