Hog Roast Worthing

Hog Roast WorthingOur hog roast Worthing catering services are suitable for outdoor and indoor events and the wonderful thing about being based in Worthing is that we get terrific weather, which means we often provide our sumptuous menus for ‘al fresco’ diners this time of year. One such event in Worthing was a corporate function and the company involved was celebrating 15 years in business, which is a splendid achievement.

Anyway, the firm has around 20 members of staff and they were all invited with their guests, and the organisers said they wanted a hog roast Worthing in the open air, so we provided a formal outdoor buffet (which comes with marquee). The menu they chose consisted of irresistible canapes Dim Sum, feta skewers, and Peking duck wraps, followed by a sizzling hog roast Worthing spit roasted pig with crispy crackling and a whole, succulent, roast salmon.

The Best Hog Roasts In Worthing

These menus are a great choice when it comes to pleasing a crowd of people with different tastes and diets. There is a great choice of meats to choose from alongside a choice of vegetarian dishes. These are complimented by a range of breads, pastas, salads, potatoes and a tempting range of desserts. Feel free to mix and match as you see fit for your event. Every event is different and hog roast Worthing pride themselves on offering a truly bespoke service.

The main dishes were accompanied by soft new potatoes and vegetables. Profiteroles and summer pudding with lashes of cream were the order of the day when it came to dessert and then the guests relaxed over coffee and mints. After that, it was time for a speech by the owner of the company, who praised all of his staff and thanked them for their loyal service over the years. We were very proud indeed when he took the time to also thank our hog roast Worthing team for their catering expertise at the event, it was very much appreciated when all the guests raised their glasses to our chef, catering assistants and waiting-on team. Sincerely, each and every one of our clients matter to us and we are always glad to get feedback. So, congratulations to you, and here’s to your next 15 years in business!

Hog Roast WorthingAll catering staff have years of experience, are fully insured as well as being reliable and professional at all times.  Hog roast Worthing deliver to any address throughout Lincolnshire and are happy to suggest and arrange suitable venues to hold your event. Give us a call today, advice, prices or just more information we are always happy to help. A dedicated team of staff can help you decide on the right package for you and your budget. There are no high pressure sales and you will be asked for no sales commitment to hire from them. Just good honest food from a company with an outstanding reputation for service and quality.

Leaders In Our Field

As much as we rely on spit-roasted meats, we similarly are well used to creating bespoke, one-off menus for those looking to customise. We are pretty unique in the fact that we do not rely on set menus which we expect the customer to choose from. We provide one-to-one meetings with all our customers to get to grips with their specific demands, the nature of their event. This is perfect for those who have a specific theme or direction they want to go in, for instance weddings, themed events, or use it as a way to tailor your event to suit your company’s spirit. Of course, it is also a way of ensuring your favourite dish is on the menu!

Here on the sunny coast, we have a very exciting spectacle which takes place every year. The Worthing International Birdman competition! The contest used to be held just along the coast but we at hog roast Worthing are delighted that it has now moved to our town. Each August, magnificent men (and women) in their flying machines take to the skies, some are very serious contenders with impressively intricate aircrafts, while others are in it more for fun than anything else, hoping that their weird and wonderful contraptions will stay airborne for as long as possible before landing in the sea! It’s always such a feel good occasion, everyone has a smile on their face as they watch the capers at Worthing pier. Last year, there were really strong winds which held things up a bit, but they soon got going again! I’m really looking forward to this year’s event and I wonder if there will be an Olympic theme?