Family Reunion in Horsham.

You can’t beat a story with a happy ending, and we at hog roast Horsham experienced just that when we were asked to cater for a rather special party. It was a family reunion, to be held for two sisters who hadn’t seen each other for 30 years! One of the ladies, Doreen, lives right here in Horsham while her sister, Joyce, lives in New Zealand. The sisters had always been good pals as children and teenagers, growing up together here in West Sussex, and enjoying trips to Horsham Park and listening to music at the bandstand. They even married within a year of one another. But soon afterwards, Joyce’s husband – who hails from Auckland – had to go back to tend to his elderly mum.

Joyce decided to go with him. However, she liked it so much they decided to move Down Under. Doreen has always missed her younger sister, but she’s afraid of flying, and with raising children and one thing and another, the two siblings never did get around to meeting again face to face – until earlier this year. Well, I can talk about it now, but it was all hush-hush at the time as it was a surprise for Doreen, who was also turning 60! Her two daughters were so excited to book the catering with our Spitting Pig Horsham team and we were only too happy to be part of the plan! What happened was the family booked two of our fabulous hog roast spits as they had invited 200 people to Doreen’s birthday party.

They opted for one of our formal buffet menus, complete with canapés which included smoked salmon, wild mushroom bouchées and chicken satay salmon. At this point in the proceedings, as our trained waiting-on staff were serving canapés to the guests, Doreen was still unaware that her sister was in Horsham! It was only when the guests were about to be seated and our succulent, slow roasted pork was set to make an entrance – complete with apple sauce, freshly prepared vegetables, and sea salted potatoes with rosemary, I might add – that Doreen’s daughter Jane said: “And now, we have a little surprise for you, Mum…” Jane indicated over towards our chef and catering assistants, who were standing in a row… concealing Doreen’s sister, Joyce, who then stepped out from behind them! The whole room erupted into applause and Doreen just stood there open mouthed, she simply couldn’t believe her eyes. The two sisters hugged and there was not a dry eye in the house, in fact I’m sure our chef wiped away a tear (although he might not admit to it!). Cameras were flashing non-stop to capture the moment these two ladies were reunited. And then it was time for them to sit down and savour another memory together – our delectable roast pork feast! It was a pleasure to meet the sisters and share in their celebration. Joyce even said she wished she could take our Spitting Pig Horsham team back to Auckland with her!