Great-Tasting Homemade Food For All Thanks To Hog Roast Rye

Hog Roast Rye is all about using great quality ingredients in order to make great-tasting homemade food, as well as providing top-notch service each and every time we cater. Whether you’re after a sumptuous hog roast centrepiece or alternative meat, whether you need options for special diets, and whether you’re thinking of having a menu of multiple courses or just one main all by itself, we have the choice and variety on offer to ensure that you and all of your guests can enjoy what we make.

While hog roasts are part of our name, we’re known for so much more too, so whatever kind of menu you’re planning, we can cater with ease. If you’re already thinking of having our signature food at your next special occasion, we can impress with the theatrical sight of a high-quality, free-range, local pig, slowly sizzling away to perfection over several hours, which we can either serve with our amazing trimmings and your choice of garden-fresh salads and coleslaw or potatoes and seasonal vegetables, or as pigs in buns, which is the Hog Roast Rye name for hog roast rolls. Either way, you’ll have yourself a taste sensation that looks and smells fantastic too!

Hog Roast RyeNevertheless, if you’d rather feast on spit-roasted meat, we can wow everyone with brisket of beef, a whole English lamb or some free-range turkeys or chickens, while one of our standalone menus instead could be just the ticket, like our three-course Alfresco which comes with antipasti platters, a hog roast and two desserts, or our Traditional Barbecue, where you get several grilled meats and sides as well. We also have a Southern Slow Roast, which gives you a trio of marinated meats and four sides, and our Loaded Fries, if you fancy one course that’s full of fresh-cooked chips, meat, slaw, cheese and even spicy jalapenos if you can stand the heat.

If you’d also like to add your choice of canapés, starters, sides or desserts to your main, just say the word, and vegans, vegetarians and those on diets due to food issues can eat just as well too. So call Hog Roast Rye today and book your next party or event, where everyone invited can enjoy what we make.