Hog Roast Bognor Regis Putting On A Fantastic Farewell

 In early September 2018, George was heading off to Durham University to study history, however, as he isn’t going to return home until Christmas, he wanted to throw a leaving party to spend one last occasion with his college friends before they all went on their separate ways to university. After hiring a local social club out, George wanted to provide some casual food for his guests yet he didn’t want to worry about having an underwhelming buffet table. Also as he and his friends would be drinking with their new found freedom as eighteen year olds, he needed something tasty to line everyone’s stomachs.

He settled with Hog Roast Bognor Regis company and couldn’t wait to get the party under way. He ensured the social club had stocked up all the alcohol necessary and double checked his guest list. He also hired a friend to be the DJ for the night and was very pleased with his arrangements.

Northamptonshire - pig and bread1 By the time all the guests had arrived, the Hog Roast Bognor Regis team had set up in the grass area behind the social club and had their food roasting pleasantly away. The DJ began the night’s playlist and the beer was being served at the bar faster than the bartenders could keep up with. Luckily the Hog Roast Bognor Regis team had a spectacular array of food ready for the guests and served it just as the guests were descending on the hog roast. The team provided a great feast, serving hand-crafted pulled pork burgers which were a huge hit with the soon to be university students and provided the casual, yet quality food that the hog roasting team do best.

The Hog Roast Bognor Regis was a brilliant hire for George as the hog roast isn’t expensive, yet provides quality food for more relaxed occasions. Knowing the food would not disappoint, he was keen to hire them as he wanted to create a night that he and his friends would remember. George was quick to as assure the Hog Roast team that he would hire them again in the Christmas holidays for the group’s reunion.