Hog Roast Crowborough

Hog Roast CrowboroughMaybe you are one of the diminishing number of people yet to enjoy a hog roast Crowborough style, or maybe you have an event to organise yet are unsure what catering to choose? If so, I’ll be happy to give you some advice. A great meal needs great ingredients. Obvious really, but you’d be surprised how often this basic factor is overlooked in favour of saving a few pounds. It’s a big mistake.

Why have a special event or function at all if you are going to serve up rubbish? Bring in the hog roast hire Crowborough caterer and this is something you will not have to worry about one bit. You’ll be dealing with a true professional who knows just what is required to cook the perfect and most delicious hog roast in East Sussex.

The Best Hog Roasts In Crowborough

One of the elements that the chef needs to put in place is choose the best possible local meat. Some people don’t take this part of cooking too seriously, but they should because the quality of the meat you use really is reflected in the flavour. The better the animal was looked after, the better the quality of the meat. Your chef will certainly make sure your pig is a prime example and will always source a local pig where possible from a reputable supplier, but it’s not all about the meat of course.

Cooking a hog roast is far from a straightforward process, indeed it’s something of a precision operation. Don’t forget that this is a whole pig and you may be surprised at how big that can be. What may surprise you even more though is that it will take a good six hours to get this pig cooked. Yes, it’s a long time and yes, some pizzas and sausage rolls would be done in a fraction of the time…but you will never match the intensity of flavours and the visual appeal of hog roast with any of the bland, more lacklustre catering alternatives. This is what makes hog roast so special.

bread and dishesOf course, a six hour wait for your food could be rather testing for most people (especially the youngsters) so the chef has thought of that, too. Rather than put you through a six hour stretch of food torture, the chef will have begun the cooking some hours earlier, meaning that they simply have to finish off the cooking in front of all your guests. It still gives you a chance to see some hog roast cooking first hand and a chance to remind people that they are about to enjoy some real fresh cooking!

A big pig means a lot of meat, but just how much? Well, how many people were you considering inviting to your event? Fifty? Sixty? Not seventy? Well, with hog roast, you don’t need to worry about the numbers. A standard hog roast can feed over one hundred guests which should be more than enough for most events. If you were in a panic over having to leave some people off your guest list then you had better reach for a Biro and add them back on!

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The catering choice for your Crowborough event really is elementary. A freshly cooked, top quality whole pig that has slowly roasted away for six hours under the supervision of a chef…or some warmed up pizzas. It would be a crime to choose the latter.

Looking for the perfect special event catering solution? It’s elementary, dear Crowborough. At least that is what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s most famous character Sherlock Holmes would say. Sir Arthur is of course immortalised in statue form in the town but it is a good bet that Sherlock Holmes would know that hog roast really is a rather special catering option and one that should go to the top of any event organiser’s wanted list. Crowborough’s twenty thousand strong population probably already know that hog roast is a great option because the hog roast hire Crowborough caterer is certainly keeping busy of late.

Hog roast Crowborough events are now all the rage, as indeed they are becoming throughout the UK. About time too! Hog roast is a real quality catering option that looks far more expensive and extravagant than it really is. From the minute you see that whole pig roasting away in the venue on the quite splendid hog roast machine, and from the very first whiff of the incredible hog roast aromas, you just know that you will very soon be dining on something quite special.