Hog Roast Chiddingfold Attended The Grand Opening Of A Local Fire Station Museum!

Back in 2013, after completing a restoration project on the very last turntable ladder fire engine to be used by Surrey’s fire brigade, Mr Alan Greenwood asked the council for permission to open a dedicated museum for local-built fire engines and memorabilia. Now, eight years on, his dream has finally come true, and Hog Roast Chiddingfold had the privilege of being present for the long-awaited grand opening of Mimbridge Fire Station and Museum last month!

On the 30th of October, the day of the event, our team, led by catering manager Adam, travelled to Mimbridge Garden Estate in Chobham, where, upon their arrival, they immediately began setting up for the exciting evening ahead. Having been asked by the event organiser, Andrew, to cook and serve our Menu 3 to a group of 150 guests, which included local dignitaries, such as council officials, emergency operatives and even Waking’s MP, Jonathan Lord, the Hog Roast Chiddingfold team had no time to waste.

Hog Roast Chiddingfold So, right away, the caterers got started on slow-roasting the salt-infused pig, which was later served with beautifully crispy crackling, sage and onion savoury stuffing and sweet applesauce served on gluten-free rolls with a side of mixed regular and sweet potato fries. The pork, as always, took several hours to cook, but once done, Adam left it to rest before carving, which gave him and the catering crew plenty of time to quickly grill the vegetable and veg and halloumi skewers for the vegan and vegetarian guests.

By the time the clock struck 5 pm that evening, the food was steaming hot and ready to be served to the hungry guests, who were in great spirits as they weaved among the antique fire engines, taking in the vibrant atmosphere and learning more about Chobham’s fascinating local history. The weather, while slightly chilly, was on its best behaviour too with plenty of sunshine, which made dining outside an absolute pleasure for those who attended.

Hog Roast Chiddingfold is pleased that everything went well on the day, and we’re even more glad that everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the lip-smacking grub that our team served!